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Welcome to NOVA! Here are your new hire instructions:

1. New Hire Orientation (online):

  • Your policy training is done online here is how to access:

  • Go to 

  • Enter your user name and password user: First Initial + Last Name i.e. John Smith would be jsmith Password is nova123

  • Complete New Hire Orientation and Quizzes

  • Upon completion we will receive your certification. If you have any questions as you go through please let us know. 

2. Required Documentation Prior to Starting:

  • WHMIS (all field jobs) - see instructions below

  • CSTS (all field jobs) - see instructions below

  • Drivers Licence Copy 

  • Driver's Abstract (3 year, 30 days current)

3. Documentation to Bring on Your First Day:

  • Any safety tickets

  • Direct deposit information

4. What to Expect Your First Day:

  • You will be going through a site / job specific orientation that will be scheduled with you (usually the NOVA shop)

  • Upon completion you will be assigned to the work site, so ensure you have the PPE required for your job. If you aren't sure please ask. 

WHMIS/CSTS Instructions:

Both Courses are available through the Alberta Construction Association of Alberta (ACSA) online. Any cost of courses is the employee’s responsibility. Below are the instructions, if you have problems you can contact ACSA at 1-800-661-2272 or our Safety Advisor for support. 

  • ACSA online portal: you will be required to have a login (free) which can be set up by going to this link and clicking “Register Here”

  • Once you have a login go to your portal (same address as above) 

  • Go to Course Calendar and find the following courses and complete: 

    • Construction Safety training Systems (CSTS -09) 

    • WHMIS 2015 Worker Education (Generic) 

  • Provide certificates to Safety prior to working. 

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