Excavating Services in Bonnyville

Excavation is a very important aspect of all construction projects. Involving more than moving dirt around, excavation will be an essential step at the beginning of your project. Without excavating, site preparation, grading, trenching and other soil-related tasks just couldn’t get done in an efficient manner.

That’s why, as part of our extensive construction services, NOVA Construction Services and Mechanical Systems Ltd. offers excavating services in Bonnyville. Whether you need excavation to level an area for a new road or to prepare for a building’s foundation, we have the skills and equipment to help. Contact NOVA today if you need excavating services in Bonnyville.

Excavating in Bonnyville for Site Prep & More

Requiring experience, skill and close attention to detail, construction excavating is performed by experts who work with heavy machinery. Our excavation team values safety, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction above all else. Trained in a variety of excavation applications, our team offers:

  • Site preparation: Site preparation is the process of removing soil to the depth required for the foundation of a new construction. This precise process ensures that the soil is firm and compacted enough to minimize shifting during the construction process. Once the foundation is later added, excavating tools are used to backfill the extra area around the foundation. 
  • Land grading: The process of cutting dirt from a high spot and filling in a lower spot to even out the ground, land grading is often used to level out landscaping, drainage ditching and parking lot bases. When specified grades are needed, land leveling tools and laser systems aid excavating contractors in ensuring the right level. 
  • Trenching: A form of excavation involving the digging of large holes, trenching is common on construction projects that involve the installation of underground fixtures such as pipes and wires. Large trenches can damage a landscape if not properly dug, which is why the team at NOVA ensures proper excavating on all Bonnyville projects.

Our Excavation Process for Bonnyville Projects

Whether we’re preparing a construction site for a foundation or we’re trenching an area for plumbing pipes, our team follows a basic excavation process that ensures our team is effective and safe during the project. Our process is broken down into three basic parts, which are:

  • Before: Prior to starting excavating in Bonnyville, our team sets our corner benchmarks and surveys the area to be excavated. 
  • During: Using the appropriate tool for the job, our team then excavates the designated area to the approved depth, dressing the loose soil, making up to cut off level and ensuring the boundaries of the building are determined. 
  • After: Once we’re finished excavating, we help construct trenches, dewatering wells, drains and more. 

Depending on the depth and scale necessary, our team utilizes a range of excavation tools to ensure each step of the process is completed efficiently. Common tools of the trade we employ include shovels, hoes, power trenchers, mounted backhoes, excavators and more.

Contact NOVA Today about Excavating in Bonnyville

Excavation is part of the construction process for almost every structure we encouter, from homes and office buildings to roadways and reservoirs. Contact us so we can get started excavating on your project!

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