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How to Determine If It's Time to Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces tend to have a long enough lifespan that it's easy to forget your furnace might be coming up on a needed replacement. Whether for your home or your business, a properly working furnace is important for keeping your property warm, comfortable, and safe. At NOVA Construction Services and Mechanical Systems Ltd., we provide furnace repairs and installation in Lloydminster and the surrounding area. We've put together a guide to help you figure out if it's time for a new furnace.

Furnace Age 

A furnace can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If your furnace is over a decade old - and especially if it is approaching the 15-year mark - then it's time to start looking out for other signs that a replacement is in order.

Repair Frequency
One of these signs is the frequency of repairs. As a furnace reaches the end of its operating life, you may start needing one repair after another as the components begin to break down. If you wait too long, this could become a losing battle.

Repair Costs
As the frequency of repairs grows, the cost of the repairs might as well. Minor issues can always be fixed but, if the cost of the repairs exceeds a third of what it would cost you to buy a new furnace, then a replacement is likely a better idea.

Heating Bills
An older furnace will cause a rise in your heating bills as it continues to get on in age. A new, energy-efficient furnace will save you money not only by simply replacing your old one, but also because it will likely run more efficiently than your old one ever did.

Furnace Size
If you have renovated and increased the square footage of your home or commercial property, then your furnace may no longer be an adequate size for the space. Or, if your furnace was never properly sized to your property in the first place, then a new furnace will help you start saving money sooner.

Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

Here are some of the top warning signs that you should call a general contracting service in Cold Lake or Lloydminster to have your furnace replaced: 

  • Sudden rise in your heating bill 
  • Uneven heating or not enough heat 
  • Furnace is blowing cold air 
  • Noisy furnace operation 
  • Frequent furnace cycling 
  • Flickering or yellow pilot light

An experienced heating technician will be able to let you know if these issues can be repaired in a cost-effective manner or if a new furnace is a better choice.

Professional Furnace Repairs and Installation in Lloydminster

If you need the functionality of a new furnace going into winter, then NOVA Construction Services and Mechanical Systems Ltd. is here to help. On top of our general contracting services in Lloydminster and Cold Lake, we also provide furnace repair and installation. We'll have you set up with a high-efficiency and professionally installed new furnace to ensure you stay safe and warm all season long.

For more information on our general contracting and heating services, just contact us today.

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